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Spider Prototype 5 Axis Machining CNC Precision Custom Parts

Whats is 5-axis CNC machining service

5-axis CNC machining allows complex parts with multiple side features to process up to five sides in a single setup. This can pay big dividends in better machine utilization, reduce setups and cycle times, and improve quality. The ability of 5-axis machining will make our machining shop more cost-effective for a wider range of work.

CNC Prototype Machining of Complex Designs

Senze is good at precise CNC machining of functional prototypes with complex geometries, and provide support for your design verification and engineering testing. For example, optical parts with detail-oriented, aluminum housing parts with complex structure.

Custom Low Volume CNC Machining

Need to bring products to market faster? CNC machining is proving to be a versatile solution to producing custom parts fast and flexibly. Our experienced team can increase efficiency and reduce machining costs with flexible machine tool configuration and machining practices, and can provide customized low volume CNC machining services for any industry.

Benefits of 5 Axis Machining

* The 5 axis machining parts can be finished on a single 5 axis machine, which reduces fixture and setup preparation, saves a lot of time.
* Complex geometries can be processed with ease, high productivity and efficiency can be guaranteed at the same time.
* Excellent surface finishes can be achieved, improves the overall quality of 5 axis CNC parts.
* Expanded capabilities, higher accuracy, boosted throughput, and shortened lead time
Improved cutting conditions, maintain the optimal cutting, and reduce damage to the tool.

We have used 5-axis machining to trim composite parts for a range of applications, including aerospace parts, satellite parts, and automotive parts.

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